imgInternational Conference
3rd Moscow Workshop on Targets and Applications

15 - 19 October, 2007 Moscow, Russia
P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences



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Dear colleagues, we are glad to invite you to the 3rd Moscow Workshop on Targets and Applications (MWTA 2007).
International Committee
  • Academician O. Krokhin (Russia) - Chairman,
  • Dr. R. Cook (USA) - Vice Chairman,
  • Prof. Yu. Merkuliev (Russia) - Vice Chairman,
  • Prof. T. Norimatsu (Japan),
  • Dr. W. Nazarov (Scotland),
  • Prof. Jean-Paul Perin (France),
  • Dr. R. Collier (France),
  • Prof. Y. Tang (China),
  • Dr. M. Tolley (England),
  • Dr. R. Khardekar (India),
  • Dr. N. Borisenko (Russia).
Local Organizing Committee
  • Academician O. Krokhin - Chairman
  • Prof. Yu. Merkuliev - Vice Chairman
  • Dr. N. Borisenko - Vice Chairman
  • Dr. A. Nikitenko
  • Mrs. O. Polyannikova
  • Mrs. A. Tarasova
  • Mr. A. Akunets
  • Mr. S. Tolokonnikov
  • Mr. A. Orekhov
Program Committee
  • Prof. Yu. Merkuliev - Chairman,
  • Dr. N. Borisenko - Vice Chairman,
  • Prof. S. Gus’kov- Vice Chairman,
  • Dr. I.V. Aleksandrova
  • Prof. E. Koresheva
  • Dr. A. Nikitenko
  • Mr. S. Tolokonnikov
  • Prof. Yu. Stoilov
Conference is being organized with support of
  • Russian Academy of Science
  • Russian Foundation of basic Research
  • Lebedev Physical Institute

The working language is English.
Conference duration will be 5 working days.

Executive Organizers:

Registration to begin on Sunday, October 14. The conference fee is 520 Euro if paid at the conference desk, 490 Euro if paid before August 31, and 350 Euro for students.

Payment of the conference fee (MWTA 2007) is possible either by bank transfer or by cash at conference desk
Transfer must be made to “Donskoe Branch No7813/01688 of Saving Bank of Russian Federation (SWIFT-ADDRESS SABRRUMM), Moscow, Russia”, 18 Bolshaya Yakimanka street, Moscow 109180, Russia, telephone number +7-(495)-238-93-92 facsimile number +7-(495)-238-90-50, by Correspondent Bank - The Bank of New York, New York, NY, SWIFT CODE IRVTUS3N, Account Number 890-0057-610 of Sberigatelniy Bank (for Lebedev Physical Institute, Account Number 40503840138030200031). Please indicate your name and the conference name MWTA 2007.

Please, upon payment send a copy of payment document by e-mail: or

The first Moscow Workshop 97 and second Moscow Workshop embedded in ECLIM 2002 invited the community of target fabricators from all over the world, the leaders in ICF-IFE theory, heads of experimental teams utilizing targets in irradiation experiments, on the achievements and prospects of targets ranging from design, through development and fabrication to target application. The targets provided for traditional and for advanced experiments with lasers, beams, powerful discharge machines, pinches, fast ignition and other combined facilities will be considered.

The conference will be held in the P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, one of the renowned scientific centres, with more than a 200 year history.

Moscow is the capital and the heart of Russia, it presents a serious political, cultural, business and religious center of Euro-Asia. It has nice and original architecture, lots of museums and galleries. With its about ten million population Moscow is the most northern megalopolis in the world, with glorious history and wide nightlife.

October is the picturesque month of Indian summer, Pushkin called it a “golden autumn”, in the central Russia. You will enjoy the colorful leaf fall in the parks, boulevards and in the streets, because Moscow has plenty of trees even in its central parts. Umbrellas may be useful, though occasional rains are not heavy. The light coats suited for temperatures around 10oC are recommended for this season.

An extensive cultural program will be organized.

We encourage you to circulate this information to interested colleagues.

You are encouraged to enter a registration to be added to our distribution list for further mailings, simply enter your name and email address on the registrstion form.

Most of the foreign participants need visa for coming to Moscow. The organizing committee can help with visa invitation, but the paperwork needs time. In fact the list of participants applying for visa should be formed during the following 10 days for you to have enough time for obtaining the visa to come to the conference. We submit the data to the Academy of Sciences, then it is processed in the Ministry of Foreign affairs. We need to know the city where you will get visa in the Russian Consulate – please check which is convenient to you.The formal visa invitation will be sent.

On July 10th we plan sending Second announcement to the registered participants.

Please refer to your registration data. You can edit it after you log in to the personal page with the password sent to you on registration (if forgotten could be restored, please follow the guidance on the login page). Please be sure to fill the registration form at all points for visa application.


Second Announcement July 15
Abstract Submission July 20
Author Notification July 21
Scientific Program August 10
Hotel Reservation August 14
Final Announcement September 10

Hotel and Living:

There is a variety of hotels in Moscow ranging in price, but within reasonable access to the conference place and will be listed on the web site soon and in the Second Announcement. Participants can choose and be responsible for their own arrangements.

Please watch the updates in scientific program.

You can address your questions to the executive organizers at

Sincerely yours,
Executive Organizers.

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